Sabtu, 21 Maret 2009

Thanks God! More Award For Me (^_^)

It's amazing!!! After I got the first award, Neo gave me the second one few days later. Felling happy and really excited, that's what I feel now. Thanks for all my friends who have trusted me as the nominator. Cheers..

Uber (synonym to Super) Amazing Blog Award is a blog award given to sites who:

  • Inspires you
  • Makes you smile and laugh
  • Or maybe gives amazing information
  • A great read
  • Has an amazing design
  • And any other reasons you can think of that makes them uber amazing

The rules of this award are:
  • Copy the badge and put the logo on your sidebar or blog post.
  • Nominate at least 5 blogs (can be more) that for you are Uber Amazing!
  • Let them know that they have received this Uber Amazing award by commenting on their blog.
  • Share the love and link to this post and this is the person you received your award from.
  • Come back and comment here so that your link could be added to the master list of awardees.

So, these are the nominators of mine:
  1. Maya, her blog is very stylish and fabulous.
  2. Jonk, who has very fresh ideas.
  3. Loly, who has given me the first award.
  4. Ghielz, the one who always greet me on my shout box.
  5. Teler, because of his unique nickname.

I feel really happy because of this friendship. Hopely, we can always keep and touch.
Good luck guys! Don't forget to finish your home work (^.^)

12 komentar:

BeeMouNTaiN mengatakan...

wah dunia bloger lagi musim hujan award ya..
selamat selamat....
heu aku juga punya pe-er belom di kerjain euy..jadi malu nih..:(

BeeMouNTaiN mengatakan...

pertamaxx nya kelewat..hehehe

J O N K mengatakan...

owh, its very cool mba :) ... moga yang dapat award makin semangatt ...
thx banget nih atas awardnya :)

dragonfly mengatakan...

Great blog friend

loly mengatakan...

yuhuiiii award lagi..thanks buanggettt..award lagi PR lagi,ngak pa2 tetep semangat he he...loly bungkus dulu ya,ntar diposting,ok :D

loly mengatakan...

Ren atu lagi nih,itu shoutmix kok nggak bisa ya loly pake..

Maya mengatakan...

wuaduh.. tarara thank you..
jd geer dikatain stylish & fabulous :-*

mesin absen, sidik jari, access control, keylock mengatakan...

selamat mbak...makin heboh...

IjoPunkJUtee mengatakan...

Banjir AWARD he m@k...????

PErlu tim SAR gak tuk penyelamatan..???he..he....

ifoel mengatakan...

Selamat atas awardsnya ya..?

em@k(^_^)em@k mengatakan...

Thank u... :D

Jade mengatakan...

Please link to this page or copy the award banner code here - Uber Amazing Blog Award and make sure that when it's clicked it goes to the Uber Amazing Blog Page.

Let me know when you are done dear so I can add you to the master's list.



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